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September 9, 2009

The miracle of the seven second hill

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Maybe not this oneSo, I read a book by a popular fitness writer on his coaching methods. I can’t remember his name. Oops. I need to read that book again because he has given me a great new tool.

The seven second hill sprint.

I have been doing these once a week with spectacular results. Here’s the drill. Warm up for a mile or two. Pick a steep hill with a “ramp” that you can walk down without straining your knees. Jog back around and as you start up the hill, sprint all out for about 7 seconds. I started with 20 of these in a row. Then I ran a 28 second 200 meters on the track after a 5 minute break! (I’m 51) The writer says that he uses this method to prevent injuries and develop strength in his runners. I am here to tell you it works!

This weekend I was in Spokane, and while running down the river from town I found a good slope. I did a bunch of these. The idea behind the 7 seconds is that your anaerobic system doesn’t kick in, so you are doing strength training without an oxygen deficit. Since you are still running, You get the additional benefit of training your running muscles too! So, just to try the theory, I ran all the way to the top of the riverbank at the same intensity after my 20 repeats. That was about a 45 second run and that was a killer! I also was pretty much useless for any more training. Lesson is, short intense sprints can be done again and again.

I think that I would like to work up to about 100 of these 7 second hill sprints. I do get tired after 20, but since I have started I am adapting to the workout load so it should continue to get easier.


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